Photo of Taryn with her two samoyed dogs

confectioner turned front-end web dev.

Hello, I’m Taryn! 👋

I’m currently working as a software engineer at Atlassian in Australia.

I’m passionate about inclusion and that often translates to mentoring students and encouraging people to make career changes!

This site is my little home on the internet. It changes regularly with my mood and may contain a mix of tech and personal stories.

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A geometric heart that Taryn created with CSS
Taryn standing in the first dress she ever sewed Lexi the Samoyed dog sitting happily by a garden Taryn's desk set up A cake Taryn made to celebrate the meetup SydCSS's birthday Sprite the Samoyed puppy looking directly at the camera Taryn sitting on the floor wearing the first jumper she ever sewed. Lexi the samoyed dog is laying on the floor behind her.