Photo of Taryn with her two samoyed dogs

About me

Just a person who loves learning, creating, reading, vintage inspired style, and most important of all: my two Samoyed dogs!

I'm currently working as a software engineer, but I was previously a pastry chef specialising in handmade confectionery! 👩🏻‍🍳

About my career

  • 2000: Taught myself to write HTML so I could build websites about my virtual pets 🐶
  • February 2018: Realised I could learn how to code more than basic websites. Started a web development bootcamp at General Assembly 👩🏻‍💻
  • June 2018: Started as a Junior Front-End Web Developer at Finder 🔍
  • September 2019: Promoted to Software Engineer 🎉
  • August 2020: Joined the Editor team at Atlassian 🥳

Things I’ve worked on


  • Mentored junior engineers in a program designed to support them in reaching the next level
  • Coordinated the end-to-end releases of packages from platform into products, juggling up to 6 releases at a time at various stages from development to adoption. At the same time contributed to improvements in the release process & tooling.
  • Contributed to a performance project which cut down time to interactive by 35%
  • Supported feature contributions from external teams to the editor codebase
  • Feature led a team of engineers to build and release the new undo/redo buttons in the Confluence cloud editor (along with predictability improvements for undo/redo behaviours)!
  • End to end tests for editor functionality to allow manual testing time to be spent on more complex scenarios
  • Improvements to lists in the cloud editor


  • Design Ops: as a team we refreshed the navigation, page templates, side bar and more, giving the whole site a fresh new look and improved user experience. The page templates we created and rolled out across the site reduced bounce rate by ~25%.
  • Gutenberg CMS: building ‘blocks’ (components) for the new WordPress editor, using a hybrid renderer that renders Wordpress content in a Next.JS front-end.
  • Engineering diversity working group.
  • Finder Tech Blog.
  • Web accessibility learning breaks.
  • Helped propose and implement web accessibility standards.